May I know your name:  



1   How would you describe your body structure...?

Thin would do with few more pounds.

Medium body frame.

Hefty muscular body, Athletic, Well built.

2   How would you define your body mass...?

Low body mas. Bones prominenetly seen or felt. Find difficult to gain weight. Require heavy training to gain body index.

Medium body mass. Muscles well defined Does not gain or lose weight quickly. Require a definite plan to develop body shape,

Heavy body mass. Difficult to lose weight. Muscles and body develop good shape on a short time of training. Many are often overweight or tendency to put on weight.

3   How would you describe your forehead in comparison to your face...?

Small Forehead.

Medium Forehead. Well balanced

Strikingly Large Forehead.

4   How would you describe your skin..?

Dry , flaky skin. On scratching the skin, the marks are visible. Tendency to Develop stretch marks. Often looks dehydrated.

Pink rosy skin. Often warm on touch.Looks young and masks age. Tends to develop boils , acnes.

Oily skin. Smooth to touch. Looks nourished and healthy. Develops pimples if exposed to dust.

5   How would you define your Hair structure...?

Thin , Dry Hair, Often break or develop split ends. Curly hair.

Soft hair. Easily fall of when exposed to environmental changes. Premature graying of hair and Baldness seen at early age.

Dense, smooth hair with lot of bounce. Generally maintainence free. Stay well even in harsh conditions

6   How would you describe your Lips...?

Thin lips, often get Dry ,Flaky and Develop painful cracks. Somewhat unattractive and require a lot of attention

Soft,Supple and Attractive lips.Often get complimented for their pink rosy appearance.

Large lips with striking mass. Generally have a gloss or wet look to them.Maintainence free.

7   How would describe your eyes..?

Small eyes often unsteady, You generally find hard to look into someones eyes while talking.

Attractive eyes. Often get complimented. They frequently appear red due to high number of blood vessels. Most of you have cat eyes.

Wide eyes. Appear spotless white. Have a confident look about themselves.

8   How do your Finger Nails appear to you and others...?

Thin,dry with cracks. Often develop black colouration at nail bed. Nails easily come out from the root.

Pink ,soft and supple to touch. Often develop swelling at the nail bed with intense burning and pain.

White in appearance, well defined huge and thick. Generally free from any nail bed disease.

9   How would you describe your voice...?

Weak voice often gets unnoticed. Tendency to stammer. Sounds nervous and inconfident during presentations.

Commanding voice. Often you get selected to cheer lead, shout slogans or give a pep talk to your team. Sharp voice often intimidating. People feel you are blunt or arrogant.

Has a calming effect. You often resolve fights.People have a tendency to listen to you as you make them comfortable.

10   How is your Appetite ...?

Irregular. Feel very hungry sometimes and at times you just lose interest in food.

Strong appetite. Require food at regualr intervals. Cant bear hunger or undertake fasts.

Balanced appetite. Cannot over-eat or under-eat. You get hungry at specific times.

11   How are your bowel movements...?

Frequently constipated. Tendency to develop abdominal gases.Stools are small and hard to pass.

Bowel movement fequency exceeds more than 3-5 times a day. Stols are loosely formed, Often watery and are passed with burning sensation.

Regular bowel movements with well formed soft stools.



12   How would you describe yours Memory....?

Quick grasping memory, Highly adaptable but you tend to forget small details soon. You generally ahve good knowldge of many things . You generally do work before taking all things into consideration.

Sharp penetrating memory with good application. You very well apply your knowledge. You generally learn things of your interest.

You have to work hard to learn things. However you have a good long term memory and generally do not forget even minute details of your knowldege.

13   How would you describe your emotional side...?

Enthusiastic towrads new things but at the same time anxious and worried of problems.

Quick tempered. Cannot accept defeat. Have a ego to carry. Arrogant and blunt. Can withstand any pressure or challenge. Perfectionist

Calm and cool nature. Happy go lucky. Do not fuss around in tight situation. Tend to carry life at your own pace.

14    How do you react in situations or to challenges...?

Often nervous and fear the failure. Get depressed when things dont go your way. Hate challenging or tight situations.

Impatient and get irriated or angry very soon. Tend to finish your work quickly and expect results quickly to Never back off from a challenge.

Generally are very calm and cool in pressure situations. Do not take unnecessary tensions and treat life as it comes. Laid back. Often lethargic and need to pushed around.

15   How do you put forward your views in a conversation or debate....?

You are quick with words and very talkative. You tend to expalin each and everything at one go and do not like to be interrupted. Like to be in the limelight.

You talk only if required. Have a tendency to argue and force your opinion on others. If things do not go your way you often end up blowing in anger.

You are the listener kind. You generally talk very less or you have very definitive views.

16   How are your thoughts with respect to ideologies...?

You thoughts are ever changing. You are mercurial and generally cant arrive at one solution. You do not like to lead as you fear you may lose way though you may appear as a good leader to others due to your flamboyance.

You generally have focussed thoughts and strong ideologies. Hence you have good leadership qualities.

You are a Follower . Tendency to relate to ideologies of people and consider them a leader. A loyal warrior who always belive in giving best of his services.

17   Which of these climatic conditions you dislike....?

Dry energy sapping conditions which leave you dehydrated. Similarly extreme cold and windy conditions . In brief you dislike both extremes and generally prefer controlled environments.

You cannot withstand hot, sticky humid conditions and prefer cold climates.

You dislike wet and cold conditions. You hate rains or winters. You prefer sun on your back. Prefer being on a beach.

18   How well do you Sleep...?

Superficial sleep, often gets disturbed with slight stimulus. You get up 2-3 times in between sleep.

Moderate sleep. During your sleep time you sleep well and . One you get up you can't sleep again.

Heavy sleeper. Always lethargic and can sleep anywhere any time. You often sleep when free. Require 9-10 hours of sleep.

19   How would you describe your dreams...?

Dream a lot. Dreams of varied concepts. Sometimes very abstract .

Dream of adventure and fights. Often see reptiles in your dream. Colourful dreams.

You rarely dream. Dreams are often romantic.

20   What activities do you like to indulge in...?

Travelling is your passion. You can go any lengths to do that. Often dream of visiting places.

You indulge in sports especially team games. Adventure games excite you like mountaineering, water rapppeling etc. You also have a inclination to politics.

You like reading, drawing or works which can be done in leisure and patience. Gardening, painting , video games etc.



21   What are your views about God and Spirituality...?

Mystical, ever changing. You tend to explore the logic behind the concept and relate with it.

Firm either in affirmation or negation. You stand by your decision and try to support and defend it.

Not keen interest in spirituality and God. If you do it is only for recreation.

22   Whats your opinion on Meditation....?

You believe in meditation and are fascinated by its concept. However you shy away from the physical efforts it needs and generally like to talk about it rather than practice it.

You try practice meditation it to its optimum level. You undergo all rigours meditation demands to experienc its fruits.

Generally you do not have interest in the topic. However the ones who do can meditate for long times. However you only undertake meditation for recreation purposes or if instructed by someone.

23   Which of the three music pieces makes you comfortable...? (Headphones recomended)




24   Which of these 3 music pieces you can relate to...? (Headphones recomended)




25   Which of these 3 music clips can you connect with...? (Headphones recomended)