Ayurveda, is not a mere medical branch, but a tradition rooted down through generations of Indian civilizations. The system evolved through the Vedas is based on observation and understanding of forces of nature and their application to all life forms with special emphasis on humans. Being an extensive traveller with the dual purpose of recreation and my occupation as an Ayurveda physician, I have been lucky enough to interact with many great thinkers, preachers and practitioners of Indian culture, spiritualism, Astrology and Ayurveda.

“This website drsumit.in” provides a glimpse into my world of exploring this fascinating science of Ayurveda and my endeavors in the fields of travel and photography. The Blog section gives an account of my travel diaries and one can find pictures of some of my exotic journeys through India in My Albums.

In a bid to standardize Ayurveda medicine and promote Ayurveda education, I have established the National Library of Ayurveda Medicine [NLAM] which is an interactive database of Ayurveda formulations. NLAM also provides free online courses through rich audio-video interface to enthusiasts through its NLAM-Education section.

Visit NLAM : http://nlam.in/

Ayurveda for women started as as effort to discuss exclusive ailments related to women on mental and physical levels. The idea was initiated in form of a group on facebook which quickly grew and hence a separate blog was established for the same

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National Library of Ayurveda Medicine [NLAM] is a project that I started  to standardize Ayurveda medicines by creating an interactive database and promoting Ayurveda concepts through videos. Find out more at:


Ayurveda for Women is an exclusive women’s  platform established to discuss disorders of women and their Ayurveda solutions. Visit my blog at